Public WiFi Made Easy.

Your customers expect connectivity. Providing public WiFi services isn't as easy as setting up a second wireless network. Public WiFi needs to be properly engineered, properly secured, and properly installed.

SmartPath Technologies has provided reliable wireless networks to clients in these and many similar situations.

  • Providing public WiFi in all public areas for a local city, including in all city parks, at city hall, and around the baseball, soccer, and other sports fields in the city.
  • Solving a large campground's WiFi problems that had been going on for years to reliably provide public WiFi over their 20+ acres and 100+ campsites and guest houses.
  • Providing WiFi for the public at dining and entertainment facilities that accept credit cards and have PCI compliance requirements.  PCI requirements call out specifics that the business must comply with to offer WiFi or risk losing the ability to process credit cards.

What's involved in a great public WiFi network?

SmartPath engineers have built hundreds of public WiFi networks over the years to support hundreds of thousands of devices and users.  We aren't bragging, but we know just a little bit about what it takes to build a great public WiFi network.

"Good engineering makes the product; good planning makes the product better." - Elon Musk

If you want a reliable wireless network that just always works for your guests and clients, it's not as easy as just buying some wireless access points or wireless routers and sticking them around your property or facility.

Factors like interference, other wireless devices, lay-of-the-land, and more all need to be planned for.   Equipment that might work great at a resort may not work great at all inside of a hotel.   The three key factors to offering reliable, consistent, and secure public WiFi are a site survey, proper engineering, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

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Site Survey
Conducting a site survey is a crucial first step in building a robust public WiFi network. It provides valuable insight into the physical layout of the area, including the number and type of buildings, the presence of potential obstructions, and the availability of power sources. This information is essential for informed decision-making about the placement of access points and cabling, ensuring the efficient and effective deployment of the network. By taking the time to thoroughly survey the site, you can save time, money, and potential issues down the road and build a public WiFi network that serves the needs of all users with reliability and performance.

Proper Engineering
Proper engineering is an integral part of establishing a successful public WiFi network. It involves selecting the appropriate equipment, implementing robust security measures to protect users' devices, and allocating bandwidth effectively to prevent slowdowns during peak usage times. Additionally, coordinating the installation to achieve optimal coverage is a crucial aspect of network engineering. These considerations, when executed correctly, can lead to a seamless and dependable user experience, whether for work or leisure activities such as streaming or browsing. By paying careful attention to these details, a public WiFi network can be established that elevates the reputation of the business, provides room for expansion and provides a positive experience for users.

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance
Consistent monitoring and upkeep of your public WiFi network is imperative to ensuring optimal functionality. Regular evaluation of the network's performance, including connection stability, bandwidth speed, and equipment availability, is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience. Early identification and resolution of any potential issues can prevent prolonged downtime and ensure a seamless connection for users. Investing in regular monitoring and maintenance is a critical step towards ensuring the longevity and success of your public WiFi network.

Public WiFi Projects Completed by SmartPath Technologies

Public WiFi in all Calvert City, KY parks

Hotel Guest public WiFi in Grand Rivers, KY

Business Office public guest WiFi for conference rooms in Paducah, KY

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