Need to simplify your IT support, eliminate costly in-house solutions, and free up precious capital? SmartPath Technologies is your partner in providing secure Cloud Computing that can increase productivity, flexibility, and profitability in your business. With well-planned Hosted Applications, servers and backup, we can deliver peace of mind to help you stop worrying about technology and focus on what really matters in your business.

Cloud computing covers a very broad spectrum of activity to suit both small-scale and large-scale projects. An example is like when you turn on a light in your home you are using electricity. That electricity was transmitted into your house from a power grid (an integrated network) and was provided as a service from an electricity company.  Similarly, when you access a cloud facility to store for example you are using software and hardware resources.  These resources are available to you across a network (the internet) and provided as a service from SmartPath Technologies.

  • Adding another light (on-demand scale-ability)
  • Adding other electrical appliances (accessibility and multi-tenancy)
  • Power Outages (availability, redundancy and backups)
  • Using solar panels at home (private networks and cloud bursting)

Today’s workers are increasingly likely to utilize multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs to access information. They embrace new applications and devices in their personal life and expect those same capabilities to be available at work. Yet today, most of these devices function on a standalone basis, requiring users to juggle multiple independent devices. In addition, when it comes to the ability to access, display, manipulate, or secure data, clearly some devices are more capable than others.

Our experienced professionals are your partners in Cloud Services, so your business can simplify its everyday processes and increase efficiency.

With SmartPath Technologies as your most trusted partner for IT solutions, you can:
  • Increase productivitymore uptime means more effective work time, faster
  • Concentrate on your core businesswhile we handle all of your technology needs
  • Optimize your ROIwith a well-planned technology strategy to advance your business
  • Protect your businesswe guarantee the stability & security of your data and systems
  • Feel Secureknowing your technology is optimized to run smoothly consistently

SmartPath Technologies is the cloud computing company that will simplify your business and get you on the road to simplified technology. We create our Cloud Computing Service Platforms with our client’s priorities and budgets in mind.

With our customized Hosted Applications and Cloud Services, you can enjoy the advantages of technology without the hassle of dealing with its ongoing management and maintenance. As a trusted partner in technology, we are dedicated to bettering your business operations.

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