SmartPath Technologies provides forensic investigation, reporting, and trial services.  We offer this service to attorneys, the medical field, and most businesses.  If you believe you possibly have had a security breach or information leakage, we can provide immediate restoration and recovery services.  If you are a medical office and are faced with an impending HIPAA violation or even a HIPAA concern, we can take remedial steps and provide necessary documentation to insure compliance.  We also provide attorneys investigative and reporting services for their needs.  In addition, we can provide trial testimony when necessary.  We have the knowledge to prove a case and the expertise to back it up.

SmartPath Technologies provides all clients blanket confidentiality agreements.

Data preservation is the first step in any litigation matter. It provides a snap shot in time of all types of data that will be culled to prove or disprove a claim, perhaps years in the future as a case develops and changes. Computer forensics recovers data in a non-invasive way to make available ALL data including deleted files, fragments of files and temporary data from electronic media of all types.  From data seizure and establishing\maintaining chains of custody, full examinations, to reporting and testifying.

We enable our clients to make educated and informed decisions about their approach and applications regarding electronic evidence.  To that end, our clients realize: speedier access to critical information, earlier in the process, the most cost-effective alternative for their specific needs and a more through and defensible approach to identifying, preserving, analyzing, producing and reviewing electronic evidence.

  • Case consulting
  • Computer misuse in the workplace
  • Employment disputes
  • Fraud
  • Hidden asset
  • Theft or trade secrets
  • Bridging the gap between the needs of legal counsel and IT personnel on any systems
  • Defensible preservation solutions for any type of data
  • The capability to complete large scale preservation and collections, quickly and defensibly
  • Provide customized, matter-specific, consultation rather than one size fits all approach
  • Unique ability to explain complex technical topics to attorneys, judges, and juries in lay terms
  • Recommendations to legal counsel on how to question opposing experts and witnesses

Courts have determined that only evidence acquired that meet Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Civil Rules of Procedure will be admissible. It is critical that the evidence for your computer forensic investigation be acquired in a manner that meets or exceeds FRE / FRCP Rules.