The technicians who work on your network are experienced professionals. They have worked in IT for many years and have each achieved their own qualities and merits. This unique combination of qualities enable us to develop solutions “outside of the box”.

We strive to surpass our client’s expectations. With proven methods and tested practices, we ensure your technology works for you while keeping a watchful eye on your overall cost and downtime. We provide fast, responsive solutions to whatever problems may arise. (not pictured Duane Dycus and Carol Hoffmann.)

Willie Kerns
President CEO

Willie Kerns has been working in the computer support and IT industry for over twenty years, and has owned a computer consulting company since 2000. Willie has obtained certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems, and spends over 100 hours a year performing continuing education. He and his wife, Kristy, formed SmartPath Technologies in 2008 to serve the technology needs of the business community in the four state area. With a customer driven focus, Willie has pioneered the concept of preventative maintenance programs – allowing businesses to properly budget for IT expenditures while focusing on what it takes to prevent your computers and network from having problems in the first place. Through innovative technology and proper planning, his clients simply don’t experience the down time – and if they do, it’s minimal. Willie is also a state certified Firefighter and a volunteer fireman in Calvert City, KY. He serves on the board of the Jackson Purchase Firefighters Association and also serves his community as a member of the Calvert City Zoning Board of Adjustments. He is also the father to Brooke, and a fur baby, Jenni Sue, who occupy all of his free time. Besides IT services, Willie has multitudes of real world management experience, including serving as General Manager of the largest radio station licensed in the state of Illinois. This multi-industry experience gives him a unique perspective to not only address clients IT and technology issues, but also to work with those clients to use technology to better automate and manage their business.

Kristy Kerns
General Manager/Co-owner

Kristy brings years of management experience to the heart of the SmartPath Technology organization. Kristy has a widely varied background of professional know-how to solve any problem. This has made her an asset to the business and Willie. Kristy builds on her skill from being a prime time Top 40 radio disk jockey on Electric 96.9, increasing her understanding of public relations and marketing experience. Kristy’s tenure as a licensed insurance adjuster in 29 states provides background methodical detail oriented processes, and her involvement in retail and fast food management has proven to provide Kristy with an understanding of what the consumer wants. Kristy’s proficiency in the office keeps all the parts of the business running smoothly. Kristy, along with Willie, spends every spare minute not working, playing with her beautiful daughter, Brooke, and the fur baby, Jenni Sue.

Brooke Kerns
Candy Monitor

Brooke is a lively little girl, who has a heart of gold. She has such an innocence about her, that makes it easy for her to rule the roost. When Brooke comes in the office, she gives everyone a smile and says “Hello”, in a way that only kids can do. Brooke has two very important jobs that she performs for SmartPath Technologies. The most important of the two, is that she keeps her Mommy & Daddy (Kristy & Willie) grounded. She helps them see that no matter what is going on, that a smile and “I love you” from her makes all their worries and troubles disappear. Her second job is to monitor the candy dish, making sure that it stays full with fresh candy (or half empty after she leaves the building). Her favorite is pink bubble gum flavored. She frequently reminds everyone that Auntie Carol gives her lollipops, as the candy basket is in Carol’s office

Carol Hoffmann
Dispatcher/Service Coordinator

Carol's previous years of employment required her to have great attention to detail and think on her feet, as she was previously in the Marketing Department at SmartPath Technologies. Carol showed great initiative and was promoted in position in mid 2015 and brings several years of customer service experience with her. She is responsible for maintaining the highest levels of white glove service for our clients and also managing all aspects of the technical team. She has top of the mind awareness of all issues occurring with our clients and has developed a system to manage those issues and keep track of all technical actions and tickets. Carol also makes recommendations to other management on new product offerings, processes to implement, and methods of providing the best IT consulting services possible. In her spare time, she loves spending time in her garden as well as playing with her two dogs, Moe & Buddy. Carol is happy to bring the newest member to work every day-Xena.

Aaron Kunkel
Network Engineer

Aaron is a network engineer at SmartPath Technologies. He graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2003, and soon after began pursuing a career in technology. Aaron holds multiple CompTIA certifications. He has formally worked in IT since 2008, being responsible for computer repairs in the shop and on site, and for customer service, telephone support, home theater setups, and administrative duties. He joined the SmartPath team in 2013, and utilizes his technological and personal skills to serve his clients with pride. 

Josh Shepherd
IT Engineer

Josh is an Engineer at SmartPath Technologies. He is also an Engineer on the Brookport Fire Department and is a member of Massac EMA. He has been working in IT since 2006 and has been working in Emergency Services since 2009. He holds multiple CompTIA certifications. He also has FEMA IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800 certifications, along with search and rescue training. Previously, Josh held an Illinois EMT-FR license and volunteered as a medical first responder. In previous positions, Josh worked at a local utility in the cyber security department where his responsibility’s included management of Windows and Linux systems, VOIP services, management of network resources, and security policies. Josh joined SmartPath in late 2013 where his current duties involve computer and network support, VOIP and Camera services, cloud related services such as Microsoft Azure, and hardware diagnostic and repair. In his spare time Josh likes hiking, working on electronic projects with tech such as Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s, and spending time with his Wife, Clarissa.

Paul Mosler
Infrastructure management

Paul Mosler is originally from Buffalo, New York. He transplanted here when his father retired from owning an auto body repair shop for thirty years. Paul has worked throughout the Midwest as a welder and pipe fitter for the food and manufacturing industry, including chemical industry. With Paul’s background it makes him an excellent resource for the heavy lifting required by infrastructure building and management services he provides at SmartPath. Paul manages our network cabling, infrastructure deployment, and security/surveillance system deployments. He enjoys small engine work and repairs mostly ATV’s and dirt bikes. His first car, he dug two 60’s model VW beetles out of a field at fifteen. He then put the best parts of the two together and fully restored one in a California custom style.

Brett Hill

Brett began interning at Smartpath in late 2015. Senior year at Marshall County High School he became a Co-Op student and started working part-time. After graduating high school, he became a full-time technician. His main role at Smartpath is being the shop tech. He builds, upgrades, repairs, and sets up computers and equipment in his shop. Brett expands his knowledge of technology every day and plans to continue his career in IT. After work, he enjoys playing video games, shooting guns, and exploring Land Between the Lakes.

Matthew Shaw

Matthew Shaw has worked in the computer field for most of his life. Working in Southern Illinois with his Father as a Computer Consultant during school he was able to get a feel for Customer Service as well as provide Technical Assistance with Customers. After completing College he took a position working as the IT Help Desk and Support for Rides Mass Transit in Southern Illinois. He worked with them for 10+ years improving servers, computers, and general IT support for internal users. He moved to Western Kentucky to start a life with his Fiance and advance his knowledge and IT Skills. He currently works as the Remote Management and Monitoring role within Smartpath.


Xena is a full-blooded Boxer, who lives up to her name, Warrior Princess. She's been the SmartPath mascot since she was a puppy - and she definitely brightens up office spirits. She greets everyone in the morning to see how they are and to let them know she is excited to see them, in true boxer form; wiggle butt. Xena patrols the halls of the office looking for doggie treats and the occasional tissue that missed the trash can. She watches the technicians working, for when they look at her she will get a treat from them. Xena has conquered the stairs and melted the hearts of all she meets. Xena has 2 older brothers that keep her in shape at home; Moe, who is a boxer and Buddy the Heinz 57.