Watch WPSD Local 6 and Willie Kerns show you why it’s important your public wireless network is setup correctly…

SmartPath Technologies is well versed in wireless networks.  We understand the implications and requirements to have a secure wireless network.  We can provide three types of wireless solutions – inner office, point to point, and public access.

Inner Office Wireless Networks

A wireless network within your office gives you and your employee’s greater flexibility and mobility to work within your office. By targeting conference rooms, atriums, and other areas, you can boost employee productivity by giving them network access wherever they go.  Wireless also offers the agility to deploy mobile inventory management options with handheld units for warehouses and retail locations.  Perhaps you are in a building that is very difficult to run new wiring in, or you need to sit a printer in a different part of the office that is not next to a computer.

It’s important you have an experienced partner like SmartPath Technologies to properly configure and secure your wireless network so others do not have access to your data and the power to damage your data.  Improperly configured wireless networks leave every system on your network open to vulnerabilities.  With identity theft on the rise you have a duty to your clients to have a secure wireless system.  Information should not be shared with anyone walking by.  Contact us today about setting up your wireless network or securing your current wireless network.

Point to Point Wireless

Often times businesses have the need to link nearby but physically separated locations into one homogeneous network.  A point to point bridged wireless network can connect your regular computer networks in two locations together so that employees may work with the same data and utilize all network resources.  Scenarios include connecting an office and a shop to share files and printers, a retail store and a marina to perform point of sale functions on one system, connecting a branch office to a main office, and more.  Point to Point wireless eliminates the need for costly telco circuits and recurring connection fees.

SmartPath Technologies has experience building and deploying point to point wireless networks to cover almost any scenario.  We understand the best ways to deploy the wireless equipment, implement the security functions to insure encrypted and safe information transmission, and have experience with multiple vendors to pinpoint the solution that works best for your specific need.

Public Wireless Access

In this day and age, it’s not a luxury to offer your guests and customers wireless access, it’s a necessity for your business to stay competitive.  SmartPath has extensive experience in designing and deploying public wireless hotspots for clients including marinas, resorts, hotels, salons, and open air areas.  We utilize proven indoor and outdoor hardware and can accomplish a number of functions including pay-for-use, content filtering, monitoring and more.  More importantly, we make your public wireless safe and secure.  If you just go out and buy a wireless router and plug it in, you’ll have a wireless network.  This wireless network, even if protected from access with a key you give out, enables the public to log onto your private network and gives them access to all of your computers.  It also gives them access to other client computers connected to the wireless networks, increasing the possibility of virus activity and possible misuse.  Do you really want to give someone you don’t know access to the same network as you keep your financial information on?

SmartPath often times utilizes a “mesh” wireless networks for public access and offers hardware that is easy to manage.  These public wireless networks are connected in such a way that individual computers connected to the wireless network cannot see or access any other computer.  Your business network stays separated and secure.

Contact SmartPath Technologies for all public Wi-Fi needs in the region.  Even if you have a public wireless network, let us analyze its security and offer suggestions on how to possibly gain revenue from offering your customers free wireless.  We have special rates for public wireless network consulting for all resorts and marinas in Western Kentucky, Northwest Tennesee, and Southern Illinois.